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There are many major lacrosse companies/brands.  Some of the most popular are Warrior, STX, Brine, Maverik, and Nike.  Many of the hockey companies have bought the lacrosse companies so you may see the names of Bauer, Easton, and Reebok on the equipment too.  They all make very similar pieces of equipment, with a few minor differences.  Equipment should be be comfortable for the player wearing it. If you are concerned about how it should fit, go to a lacrosse store instead of a sports store.  The best to go to if you are uncertain are Sports Barn and Blueline Sports.  They know what they are talking about and can help.  

You do not need the most expensive equipment.  Kids will grow out of it in a couple of years.  Companies have newer models to make money.  It doesn't mean that last year's model is not good anymore.  So if you have the chance to get an older model or used equipment, jump on it.  If there is a piece of equipment to spend a little more time trying on, it's the helmet.  You want to make sure it fits correctly for comfort and safety.  Please call or email with any questions.  


BOYS Equipment Needed -

Stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, athletic cup, mouthpiece and grass cleats.

***Boys in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade who play hockey can use hockey equipment in place of lacrosse equipment.  If using hockey equipment, we suggest you buy lacrosse gloves.  Hockey gloves have a stiff thumb which prevents them from cradling.  


Equipment Suppliers
(some places sell used equipment)

Sports Barn




Blueline Sports West
2 Halstead Ave
Harrison,  NY  10528
914 820 9974

(Trade in your old/used equipment for a store credit or apply towards a purchase)



Dick's Sporting Goods 

White Plains


Commonwealth Lacrosse



Lacrosse Unlimited