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Spring Programs

***It is important to understand that it is never too late to play lacrosse.  No matter what age or skill level, we adapt our practice plans and divide players up so they can feel comfortable in the learning environment.  There have been many great players who picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time at an older age.  ***

The Spring season will begin during the first week of April for the K-2 program, and mid March for the 3-8 programs.  

K-2nd Grade

Our K-2nd grade program will focus on skill development and teaching game play through a 3v3 "speed lacrosse" model to increase the number of "touches" a player has with the ball.  We focus is on teaching the fundamentals of the sport while striving to maximize player enthusiasm and a love for the sport.  The emphasis here is on fun. This program will have 1 practice and 1 game each week.  Games will be in-house against other wplax teams.  


3rd/4th Grade

In our 3rd/4th grade program, players will continue to build their lacrosse skills through carefully designed drills which will be used in each practice.  We will use a 7v7 model to begin teaching full field positions (attack, midfield, and defense), and full field game play.  The benefit of this format is that it will maximize the number of "touches" that each player has with the ball, thereby improving skill development.  Players will try all positions each game.  We will have 2 practices and 1 game each week at this level.  Games will be played against local town teams.  


5th/6th Grade

Our 5th/6th grade program will begin learning game strategies; extra-man offense, man down defense, 6v6 offense and defense, fast breaks, sliding, drawing the double team.  At this level, players will continue to build there skills and learn more complex skills to make them successful in games.  They will  continue to learn the full field game in a 10v10 model, while building their knowledge of half field play. This level will play 10v10 games against local town teams.  We encourage each player to try all positions at this level, but understand players will begin to focus on their favorite position.  


7th/8th Grade

The 7th/8th grade program will be geared towards developing each player so they are ready for the high school level.  They will work hard to improve their skills to be able to use them at game speed.  For example, many young players learn how to catch and throw consistently with a partner, but when they are forced to catch and throw while moving in a game, they struggle.  At this level, all drills will be performed at games speed.  We will work around the White Plains modified lacrosse schedule in order to prevent any conflicts with games and practices.  We will have 2 practices and 1 game each week.  We try to schedule most games on the weekends since the middle school team doesn't play on the weekends. 


Tiger Buddies: We will be asking for our 7th/8th graders to volunteer their time throughout the spring to help with our k-2 program.  This is a great opportunity to build leadership skills, give back, and earn volunteer hours.  Players can help run stations at the Saturday morning clinics, or ref games during the week. 


Communication: In order to encourage players to develop as young men, players should communicate directly with their coaches, and by the 7th/8th grade travel level this is a requirement.  This includes concerns or questions regarding playing time, positions, team placement and suggestions for improvement/feedback.  An exception is for health issues such as allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, etc., which parents should communicate directly with coaches if they feel the need.  All health issues will be kept strictly confidential.


If parents have issues with a coach, they should discuss those with the boys’ house or travel coordinator, after observing the 24 hour waiting period. 



Lacrosse Helmet (K-2nd grade players may wear a properly fitted hockey helmet),   Mouth Guard,  Shoulder Pads,   Elbow Pads,  Protective Cup,   Lacrosse Gloves,  Boy's Lacrosse Stick