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White Plains Youth Lacrosse 

Girls Program

The White Plains Youth girls lacrosse program uses a progressive model to teach lacrosse skills and game play.  This curriculum has been designed to maximize the skill development of players at each respective level.  The focus of all of our programs, house, travel, clinics, and camps, is to encourage growth and development in a fun environment.

We have expanded our program so we now offer lacrosse during each season.  We have our spring league, which is when we expect the highest level of commitment.  During the fall, winter, and summer months, we offer clinics, camps, and practices.  We try to keep lacrosse during these seasons less intrusive.  We do not want to interfere with sports that are in-season.  We offer these programs for players who want to play extra lacrosse, and have the time in their schedules to do so.  We DO NOT believe in sport specialization and encourage all players to play as many sports as possible.  

***It is important to understand that it is never too late to play lacrosse.  No matter what age or skill level, we adapt our practice plans and divide players up so they can feel comfortable in the learning environment.  There have been many great players who picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time at an older age.  ***


Communication: In order to encourage travel team players to develop as young women, players should communicate directly with their coaches, and by the 7th/8th grade travel level this is a requirement.  This includes concerns or questions regarding playing time, positions, team placement and suggestions for improvement/feedback.  An exception is for health issues such as allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, etc., which parents should communicate directly with coaches if they feel the need.  All health issues will be kept strictly confidential.


If parents have issues with a coach, they should discuss those with the girls house or travel coordinator, after observing the 24 hour waiting period. 



*  Protective Eye Gear/Shield
*  Mouth Guard
*  Girl's Lacrosse Stick