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Mission Statement of White Plains Youth Lacrosse
The mission of the White Plains Lacrosse Association (WPLAX) is to provide a progressive model of teaching lacrosse to players in pre-school through 8th grade.  White Plains Lacrosse works hard to not only teach the players the physical skills they need to be successful on the field, but also emphasizes teamwork, leadership, family, giving back, having good character, and being a positive role model.  We are excited to have the opportunity to coach your child(ren).  

We believe no child should miss the opportunity to experience the game of lacrosse for any reason such as financial hardship.  We will do everything we can to give players this great opportunity. 

Each level focuses on age appropriate skills and game play to build the player's confidence, skill level, knowledge of the game,  and athletic ability.  We provide our residents the opportunity to play lacrosse "year round" but encourage our athletes to play other sports as well.  WE DON'T BELIEVE IN SPECIALIZATION OF SPORTS!!!


Pre-school - we introduce the sport of lacrosse to player ages 4-5.  We use various drills to build coordination, knowledge, strength, and a love for the game.  We play age appropriate, non-competitive games to get the kids excited about moving with a lacrosse stick in their hands.  At this age, we don't require any equipment other than a lacrosse stick.

K - 2nd grade - at this level, we put a tremendous emphasis on skill development starting with ground balls and catching and throwing.  If you don't build your catching and throwing skills (stick skills), all other skills will be difficult.  We try to introduce a variety of basic skills such as ground balls, switching hands, dodging, defense, face-offs, and shooting.  Boys at this level will practice 1 time per week using a station format to increase learning.  Players will play 5v5 games on a shortened field to get them used to running up and down the field and passing to one another.  Due to the lack of equipment, girls play modified games and not full field games at this level.

3rd - 4th grade - this level continues to focus on skill development.  We strive to build the skills previously taught and new, so they can perform those skills at game speed.  We will also focus on teaching the players the beginning stages of full field play as well as offensive and defensive sets and strategies.  At this level, boys will play 7v7 games to get more "touches" with the ball.  We will use the similar 

5th - 6th grade -   


7th - 8th grade -      


While each team philosophy is different, our main goal is to foster the development of each player’s lacrosse skills through practice drills and competition.