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How to Be a Great Player

(Every player is told to do this, only the great players follow through with it)


Put more hours in outside of games, than you do in games.  You do not get more skilled in games.  Games are where you put the skills you've developed and the concepts you've learned, to work.  

  1. Pick up a stick 4-­‐5 times a week. Seems like a lot but the great players don’t put their stick down. Spend at least 15 minutes on the wall 3 times a week (bring your IPod). Have a catch with a friend on the other days.
  2. CATCHING & THROWING-­ When you are having a catch or throwing against the wall, throw the ball extremely hard and to different spots. Being forced to catch a ball moving fast will help you develop quicker hands and better hand-­‐eye coordination. When you are forced to catch the ball in different spots instead of by​ your head, you will again develop quicker hands and be able to handle bad passes in a game.
  3. In addition to playing Wall Ball, use only 1 hand and arm. Take this a step further and practice shooting with only 1 hand into a net. This will help strengthen your wrists when it comes to passing and shooting. This is advanced!
  4. SHOOTING-­ Learn to have a quick release on your shot. The quicker you can get your shot off the less likely it will be that the goalie is ready. Don’t let them get set for your shot. Have someone feed you, try to be set when the ball is coming. If it is a bad pass, adjust your body to get the ball on your stick side. Catch the ball by your earhole or just past so you can cradle quickly and shoot. When you take a few steps into the shot you allow the goalie to set up. If you don’t have a partner, flip the ball in the air to yourself and catch it with your hands back.
  5. QUICK STICK-­ Learn how to quick-­‐stick the ball. This is when you catch the ball and quickly pass or shoot it without cradling. Similar to a one-­‐timer in hockey. Do this against the wall or with a friend. You will be a better finisher inside if you can quick-­‐stick and you can move the ball quicker in tight situations.
  6. STICK TRICKS-­ This is the fun stuff. You can do this in your family room! Be careful! Learn how to do stick tricks. Practice them all the time. Stick tricks help you develop hand-­‐eye coordination and soft hands. You will also develop quick hands. You can youtube stick tricks. There are some great videos.
  7. Put more hours in outside of games than you do in games. You do not get more skilled by playing games. Games are a way to show how hard you have worked in practice and on your own.


  1. WATCH LACROSSE – Watch college lacrosse as much as possible. Don’t just watch the ball. See what is

happening off-­‐ball. How do guys play the crease, how do they slide, how do they get into passing lanes, when do they cut? Learn different moves and shots and then go and practice them. You will never be a great player if you are a predictable dodger or shooter. You have to have many weapons.

  1. Learn to be an off-­‐ball player. Again, you can watch the off-­‐ball play of college players and learn by what they do. You will only have the ball in your stick for 2-­‐3 minutes each game. You will spend 95% of every game without the ball in your stick. You need to be a threat without the ball. Cut, pick, and occupy your man.

Every day that goes by without a stick in your hands, you allowed someone else to get better.