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Hello 7/8th Grade Girls White Plains Lacrosse Players & Families!

Welcome! My name is Fabian Escobedo. I will be overseeing the 7/8th grade girls lacrosse program this Spring. I am so thrilled to teach you the great game of lacrosse, but also, lessons like teamwork, sportsmanship, and cooperation. A brief background about me is I am entering my third year coaching lacrosse. I have coached volleyball and other sports as well. I currently work as a teacher in the White Plains School district. I even grew up in White Plains and graduated WPHS in 2010.

I truly enjoy coaching youth lacrosse and seeing the development that occurs from April to June. My belief is that players will get better by playing lacrosse. Sounds simple! What I mean is that I want all players to get as many repetitions as possible in practices. Lacrosse is a skill sport similar to soccer, hockey, and basketball. You need specific skills to be successful in the sports I mentioned. Likewise, you need skills to be successful in lacrosse. It will not all be done on the practice and game field. We can only do so much in a 1.5 hour practice. Please, please, please, practice at home also! I promise you that you will see improvements and reap the rewards! (You can make this your own!)

Coaches Name:



Fabian Escobedo



(914) 426-3402

Claire Yergeau



Our first practice is scheduled for April 1st at the WPHS Field 11 at 4-5:30pm.. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to practice so that all equipment can be put on and players are ready to go at 6pm.

PARENT MEETING: There will be a Parent Meeting directly following practice 5:30 on Field 11. Please make every effort to attend! Due to covid restrictions we ask 1 parent to attend.

HELP!!! I am looking for 2 team managers. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Tasks would include: confirming games, referees, communicating any schedule changes, tracking attendance and taking temps for practices and games, etc.


COMMUNICATION: Please communicate with coaches on missing practices/games via email. This helps with planning! You will receive a weekly email from me also (most likely Sunday nights).- this is up to you. Please do not confirm with the organization’s email address.

EQUIPMENT: players need: List Equipment for Boys/Girls. Questions? Let me know!
WHAT TO WEAR: players should wear layers, especially early season. Once the sun goes down it gets cold! It might be warm

during the afternoon, but it gets cold by 7pm early in season.

BE ON TIME: please arrive 15 minutes prior to practice and 30 minutes prior to games. Equipment should be on and the player is ready to go!

PICK UP TIME : parents should be there at least 10 minutes before the end of practice time (especially early in season when it gets darker early). No late pickups please!

PARENT SIDELINE BEHAVIOR: all parents should be on the opposite field side of the bench. Let’s remember to practice proper sportsmanship! Thank you!

PLAYER BENCH BEHAVIOR: Players are expected to behave properly or their playing time will be reduced or they may not play at all. ZERO Tolerance for talking back to refs or coaches/bad-mouthing teammates/opponents. Coaches will communicate with parents if an incident occurs.

CLEAN UP: bench areas – ALWAYS!


HOW TO GET BETTER: It is important that all players spend time away from practice working on their game. Use a pitch back, throw with a buddy, or a concrete wall for this. This will be very helpful! Watch lacrosse on T.V.! Watch what players do with the ball and what they do without the ball!

PLAYER GOALS/TEAM GOALS: Each player is required to do this! This will be given out at the first practice. (This is up to you as the coach)

CONDUCT AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF PLAYERS AND PARENTS – This will be reviewed after the first practice.

UNIFORMS: reach out to Jenn or Scott Dooley at wplaxcoaches@gmail.com if you need to pick up your uniform.

SCHEDULE: *All info. can be found at: http://wplax.com.uslaxteams.com. Log in and then follow these steps.

1. Click on Select Team 2. Click on your team 3. Schedule is on the right side. 4. Click on Options to upload, link, or print calendar.

DOWNLOAD SI PLAY APP on your mobile device.Covid Rules and Policies

  • ●  Code of conduct - all players, parents and coaches must sign the attached document and bring it to the first practice.

  • ●  Attendance/Contact Tracing - We will be taking attendance by recording your child’s temperature prior to every practice.

  • ●  Practices are drop off only. No spectators.

  • ●  Games - 2 spectators per game.

  • ●  Masks must be worn at all times for spectators and coaches. Athletes must wear a mask or gator at all

    times. Athletes can take a mask break while playing on the field if need be.

  • ●  Athlete's must have their own water bottles and they must be clearly labeled.

  • ●  Remember to be kind and patient and do the best you can:)

    Mission of White Plains Lacrosse Association

    The mission of the White Plains Lacrosse Association (WPLAX) is to provide a progressive model of teaching lacrosse to players from Pre-K through 8th grade, while giving them a fun environment to develop their skills and build friendships. White Plains Lacrosse works hard to teach the fundamental skills and strategies needed to be successful on the field and we also place an emphasis on teamwork, leadership, family, giving back, good character, and being a positive role model.

    There are no standings kept, no league championship or playoffs. We play all players as equally as possible with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved.

    Conduct Guidelines Good sportsmanship on the part of all players, coaches and fans is always the standard. Each team must ensure that their coaches/players/fans abide by the standards of good behavior outlined by the organization. The Code of Conduct is expected to be followed by all parents, players and coaches participating in the program. A copy can be found in the Appendix.

    Sportsmanship - Everyone at the game, including the parents and spectators, should demonstrate good sportsmanship. Satisfaction for players, coaches, parents and spectators should come from watching athletes playing their hardest and doing their best. We should applaud and enthusiastically cheer for good plays on both sides.

    I’m looking forward to an amazing season!

    Fabian Escobedo

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